ClotIt VET Hemostatic Clinic Pack

ClotIt VET is a patented line of all-natural hemostatic products developed to stop bleeding fast, and keep it stopped. The ClotIt VET hemostatic platform devices are available in sterile and non-sterile formats, and work on any animal, small to large. The hemostatic technology works with the animal's own body to accelerate natural clotting in all types of wounds to quickly establish faster, more stable clots. 


  • 2 ClotIt VET Long Tip .33 oz Sterile Unidose Applicators (2 year sterile packaging)
  • NEW! 2 sheets ClotIt VET Hemostatic Gauze (multi-segment gauze in 2-3 year sterile packaging)
  • 1 ClotIt 2.85oz Non-Sterile FPUO (For Professional Use Only) bottle
  • 1 Silicon Nail Pod (for aid in nail chipping application)
  • IFU (Instructions For Use) pamphlet

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