Protege Biomedical, the makers of ClotIt® VET, is a medical device company with a patented line of all-natural hemostatic products developed to stop bleeding fast, and keep it stopped. Our hemostatic platform devices work in any animal, small to large, and are designed to work with an animal's own bodily functions to accelerate natural clotting, in all types of wounds, to quickly establish faster, harder clots. 

ClotIt® Hemostatic Powders | Sterile & Non-Sterile | New IHM Technology

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Customer Service Number: (800) 998-4661

ClotIt® VET Long Tip - Box of 6 sterile applications. 020177
ClotIt® VET Short Tip - Box of 6 sterile applications.  020176
ClotIt® For Professional Use Only 2.85 oz bottle of non-sterile powder for flesh wounds and nail clipping injuries. 020174
ClotIt® 5 oz / Refill Bottle of non-sterile powder for flesh wounds and nail clipping injuries.  020175

ClotIt® Animal Medical Kit Counter Unit - contains 9 Animal Medical Kits co-branded with your clinic information to treat wounds for customers away from the clinic.  020178
ClotIt® VET Hemostatic Clinic Pack - 2 ClotIt® VET Long-Tip Applications, 1 ClotIt® VET Short-Tip Application, and 1 ClotIt® 2.85oz Bottle For Professional Use Only #CV112