NEW -- Hemostatic Clinic Pack

Contains both Sterile & Non-Sterile Clinic Packages

ClotIt® VET is the most comprehensive, effective, and versatile platform of hemostatic products to be used in the Veterinary Clinic. The ClotIt® VET Total Clinic Approach positions the hemostasis platform in three different segments: internal surgical (sterile) products, professional in-clinic (non-sterile) use, and affordable take-home (non-sterile) Animal Medical Kits (AMK) for your clients. 

The ClotIt Total Clinic Approach features ClotIt® VET in the clinic and offers your customers a co-branded ClotIt® Animal Medical Kit for home, helping your customers be prepared for emergencies, while reminding them to come back to your clinic for follow-up care. ClotIt® Animal Medical Kits allow you to co-brand your clinic, these kits contain basic wound care treatment, including a saline wash, antiseptic pads, gauze, tape, and ClotIt® blood-stopping powder. Provide them with peace of mind that they can stop a life-threatening wound at home, allowing for safe transport back to you, their vet, for care.